Personalized Gift Idea for Grandson Birthday Baptism From Grandpa Grandma

Personalized Gift Idea for Grandson Birthday Baptism From Grandpa Grandma

If you are looking for a gift for your grandson - something that guides him, something that inspire him, a gift that give him far vision or a gift that keeps you boy motivated throughout his life …. then read on.. 

Every Grandfather / Grandmother is a best friend , guide , coach & a hero for their GRANDSON. In fact grandson trust & turn towards their grandparents when they need anything without hesitation. Its like grandparents are the second parents to every grandson. So when it comes to selecting a gift for your grandson you wish to give him the best gift of his life. The truth is grandson would love & treasure whatever you give him as a gift on his birthday, graduation or baptism confirmation. But what if I tell you that their are some amazing ways to make birthday gift for your grandson a REAL TREASURE that will guide him , motivate him, inspire him for rest of his life. Something that gives him direction , something that gives him vision and the best part is that It can have your OWN CUSTOM WORDS engraved on it that will never fade away. Here are some of the best options that you can consider for any big day celebration of your grand kid - Grandson

1. Baptism Gift for Grandson from grandpa or grandma - Christening gifts from grandparents - first communion gift.

Baptism, Christening , First Communion , Confirmation Day are all important day for any parent grandparent grandma or grandpa. When you are invited for to a baptism or a christening then it is indeed customary to bring a gift. For anyone who is Christian specially Catholic Christian , a gift with a spiritual religious significance is often preferred and is a norm. Traditionally rosary, bible or a picture frame was a normal gift for grandson baptism but we bring you an idea that is by far the best baptism gift for grandson from grandfather or grandmother. A HANDMADE COMPASS with religious Joshua 1:9 quote engraved - FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU - DECLARES THE LORD - Made from brass this handmade compass NORTH has been replaced with GOD the TRUE north and the needle will always point towards the TRUE NORTH - GOD .

gift for grandson

2. Birthday Gift for Grandson from grandma grandpa - religious quote engraved handmade compass with an inspiring , motivating missionary quotation on the Top. The best part is that as a grandfather or a grandmother you can get this compass customized / personalized with your own words - Get custom TEXT engraved gift for grandson on his birthday. something he will treasure throughout his life and might pass it on to his grandson as these handmade compass do not rust and the older they are the expensive they get. These have rustic , vintage look to make them look like antique compass but these are newly handmade compass which are functional with a magnetic needle. Compass are great toy - in fact an educational toy for young kids both boys and girls love to reenact as pirate or a ship captain - on camping, hiking , boating or picnics this analog compass can be a very cool gadget to carry along in the pocket. Your engraved words on the top makes it a keep sake memorable gift for long after you are gone.

 christening gift for grandson from grandpa grandma

3. Religious Gifts for Grandson Holy Communion Christening Baptism or Confirmation.

For a Catholic Christian family Baptism, Holy communion , Christening & confirmations are major life events worth celebration. When you are invited to one such celebration for your Grandson you need to find him a perfect gift that stays with him forever. Aladean brings you a variety of GOD love gifts that are ideal for boys, son & grandson on any holy ceremony like baptism , confirmation, christening or holy communions. 

Why A compass gift for grandson is considered best option?

Made from premium quality BRASS the compass is handmade in non ferrous metal, that means it will never RUST and has a very long life. This makes it a perfect souvenir keepsake memorabilia that will stay with your grandson for life. Every grandson wish to have a memory from their grandpa or grandma and compass with engraved quotes are the best way to give them a treasure gift for grandson.

Unlike the conventional greeting cards these have a long life. Brass Compass are functional and these give direction with magnetic needle - its a conventional replica of the antique compass , this makes them even more worthy considering the fact that every grandparent wants to give right direction to the young boy, Teen grandsons will enjoy this gift as a cool gadget - its perfect compass to carry along on a hiking trip, boating or camping trips. 

Stay close to your grandson forever with these beautiful gifts for grandson of all ages, young, teens and adult. 


Our custom text engraved compass are extremely famous as gift for grandson , son, boys - teens and adult men as well across United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Australia. 

We have a variety of compass designs that can be personalized with quote of your choice. Browse through our retail store to check our complete range of handmade compasses with engraved quote to find a perfect gift for your grandson and if you do not like one of our existing quote / design just drop us a line to get your own design created exclusively for you. Our compasses comes packed in wood box or leather case as you would wish them to be.

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