New product idea for amazon sellers! Top selling new products

New product idea for amazon sellers! Top selling new products

Have you been scratching your head for new product ideas to sell on Amazon Ebay & online platforms,

Read on to get inspired by some high profit margin hand made items by aladean

Find some wonderful products that are or will be top sellers on your amazon store. At aladean we offer our products to amazon sellers with option to ship them directly to sellers (your) AMAZON FBA warehouse in which ever country you wish. So if you are an Amazon seller in USA, UK , EUROPE FRANCE , GERMANY , ITALY , POLAND , JAPAN OR AUSTRALIA , we will not only make the products but also put your product labels and ship them to FBA for you. 

The important aspect here is to understand the production lead times for our top selling and fast moving products like custom engraved brass compasses, brass telescopes , antique nautical sextants , anniversary gift sundial compasses in leather box and more.

If you are selling in gift / home decor / handmadr category then Aladean is a end to end solution for you. Let us manufacture and source a variety of products for you while you focus on increasing on your sales and promotion as a amazon eBay etsy or e-commerce seller.

Choose from a variety of brass hand made items packed in gift boxes or otherwise , we offer you some rare drinking mugs and accessories in beer wine & steins category as well. Your product will remain unique and exclusive as we ensure that you get the maximum revenue from our products. You can also share your own idea to get a new brass product developed at aladean or customize one of the existing product that we are offering.

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