Collection: Sand Timers

ALADEAN's handcrafted sand timers, also known as hour glasses, provide a distinctive and timeless take on classic home décor. Our exquisite range of brass and wooden designs allows for both classic and modern style to be incorporated into any setting. Our brass hour glasses capture a timeless look; they were long used for timing and now make for a beautiful, sophisticated decorative feature in the modern home. Experience the luxurious art of time, with ALADEAN's unique sand timers.

Our premium sand timers and hourglass offer a sophisticated, exclusive decoration for your home or office. With a variety of hand-crafted frames made of brass and wood, these pieces combine beauty with functionality. Our unique selection offers you the choice of compass and watch attachments to make your hourglass more practical when on a table. You can even customize each piece with a logo or text of your choice, turning your design into a one-of-a-kind luxury item. Get the best in wholesale prices and expert craftsmanship for your bulk orders.