Collection: Pickelhaube Helmets

ALADEAN® presents a unique collection of historically accurate replica Imperial German Military pickelhaube helmets, crafted to perfection by the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of hand made leather helmets. Ordering from a professional manufacturer of leather helmets gives you the freedom to personalize and customize the pickelhaube Helmet as per your requirement, ensuring an exclusive and sophisticated look that artfully evokes an age of heroism and chivalry.

Craft a unique look with ALADEAN's premium leather pickelhaube helmets. Customize the frontplates in brass or choose from a leather or brass chin strap for a truly personalized design. Perfect for cosplay, reenactments, military ceremonies, and more, these masterfully-crafted helmets offer a sophisticated spin on a classic military accessory. From exact replicas to custom-made fantasy designs, you'll be sure to find the perfect helmet for your project.