Collection: Decorative Bells

Achieve effortless style with Aladean's assortment of handcrafted ship bells, perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your holiday décor or home décor. Each bell is made of solid brass and furnace-heated brass-coated tin, making them a sophisticated addition to any space, while the rustic feel and eye-catching designs of our cowbells add a unique and fun twist. Their charm makes them ideal as gifts, or as a decorative lucky talisman.

Bring a touch of rustic elegance to your home with our handmade brass anchor ship bells and shabby chic furnance heated brass-coated tin bells. Our Aladean collection of Christmas and home decor bells provide a fun, unique gift with a lucky charm appeal, complete with classic cowbells and decorated Swiss cow bells.

Aladean brings you a premium collection of handmade brass anchor shipbell decoratives, shabby chic rustic furnance heated brass coated tin bells, and festive, fun-filled Christmas and home decor bells. Adorn your home with these charming lucky charm bells and decorated Swiss cowbells, all crafted with exquisite artisanal skill. Perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated luxury to any space.

Add a classic touch of maritime elegance to your home décor with our exclusive range of handmade brass anchor ship bell decoratives, finished with a rustic shabby-chic look and furnance-heated brass coating. Aladean brings you a unique selection of tin bells, perfect as holiday decor pieces or fun gifts for special occasions. Make sure you don't miss out on our charming cowbells and whimsical Swiss-decorated cow bells to add a bit of luck to any home.

Add a classic, sophisticated touch to your home décor with our handmade brass anchor ship bells. Crafted with shabby chic rustic furnance-heated brass coated tin bells, they bring a touch of elegance and exclusivity to any interior. Our unique collection of Christmas and home décor bells are the perfect fun gifts or lucky charms. We also offer a selection of beautifully decorated Swiss cow bells.