Custom Engraved Brass Compasses are Top Selling? Know Why

Custom Engraved Brass Compasses are Top Selling? Know Why

Custom Engraved Brass Compasses are Top Selling? Read On to Know Why!

The recent trends of online sales by various e-commerce company has shown a fast growth in custom engraved brass compasses. If you track the sales of brass compasses as gifts on famous platforms like amazon , eBay ,etsy etc , you find that there has been a rapid growth in the sales of these brass compasses but the number of sellers selling these brass compasses has gone up very fast. If you are looking for fresh idea products to sell in your online amazon , eBay or website or in your physical outlet then read on to understand how a simple nautical antique replica , a small 2 inch to 3 inch compass suddenly became such a hot selling product. 

Gift for brother brass compass

A bit of information about brass compass first.

Brass compasses are being manufactured in Uttarakhand , Uttar Pradesh India. From the famous brass town Moradabad to the lesser known Roorkee, brass compasses are being assembled by artisans in there small household setups. There are no big factories but small artists (karigar) who get the parts developed here and there and finally assemble them to make a navigational functional magnetic needle brass compass. Initially , big importers of nautical decor ordered these compasses in huge quantity , and most of these were sold as antique replica and hence were marked as dolond london , Victorian , King Edward , titanic etc. In early 2000 there was more focus on developing new models or I must say new replica of antique compasses in different models, this was the time when bronton compass, military compass, sundial compass , gimbal compass, horoscope compass and a variety of compass models were developed in various size . 

Not All Those who wander engraved brass compass manufacturer

How did the engraved compass evolved as a gift of every occasion?

Exporters from india were constantly innovating & giving new options to international sellers. During this time e-commerce penetration was not much in India and most exporters were supplying their goods to bulk import companies. Post 2002 with entry of eBay and then subsequently amazon everything changed. Now most exporters started to sell online directly to the customer forgetting that they were killing their own wholesale clients . There came a point when brass compasses were hardly in demand. The artists started to look for alternate but during 2012 we offered compasses to a client with a happy birthday message . This was selling well & their were constant orders , soon the customers were asking for happy anniversary compasses , compass for Christmas , baptism , confirmations, Hanukkah, thanks giving and general celebrations. Brass compass sell at a very affordable price in retail and it easily replaced the conventional greeting card , which was made in paper , brass compass has a value to it, people treasure it in leather box or wood box offered by sellers. This is how engraved brass compasses evolved as top gift idea for men , women, husband, wife , father , mother, boyfriends girlfriend , him & her on every occasion .

May your faith God Guide You Brass Compass for Baptism Confirmations Birthday

Is there still a demand for these customized brass compasses? Will it be a profitable buy

Yes , there is a huge market for these brass compasses. Specially if you can think of a new quote or customization idea . It is best to get your own design of brass compass developed by aladean rather then copying one that's already selling. A unique way of customization is what customer like.

If you plan to buy or sell engraved brass compass in your retail store / shop or online on Amazon , eBay or store online then we provide you the easiest option to order these in bulk wholesale quantity online. Reach us for any queries at 

Happy Selling.



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