Best Religious Gifts Idea for Catholic Christian Men, Women, Boys, Girls & Teen Kids.

Best Religious Gifts Idea for Catholic Christian Men, Women, Boys, Girls & Teen Kids.

Best Catholic Christian gifts for Baptism, Confirmation, Christening, 1st first Holy Communion - Birthdays & wedding anniversary - For a practicing Catholic Christian men or women, these are all sacred & auspicious events which we wish to make memorable by sharing a perfect gift. But finding a perfect catholic Christian religious gift is often a task not very easy. The conventional gifts like Rosary, Bible, Greeting cards are all traditional but the modern day moms & dad, grandpa & grandma, uncle & aunts look for something more fun , something cool for the grand children , son & daughter, boys and girls. We here at aladean bring you a variety of handmade gifts which are personalized with engraved quote from bible, joshua , psalm or mark with uplifting inspirational quotations. Here is a list of top 5 religious gift idea from aladean.

1. Brass Compass with engraved religious quotation

Religious quote engraved brass compass tops the chart when it comes to a religious gifts for Catholic Christians. A compass gives you direction hence it makes a perfect religious gift for your loved ones. The primary reason is that it symbolize the importance of right direction in life. Every mom , dad, grandpa or grandma loves to emphasize the importance of choosing the right direction for their son, grandson, daughter, grand daughter , niece, nephew or brother sister. No doubt that these handmade compass with engraved religious quotes are the top selling Christian gifts in United States of America (USA) , Canada, United Kingdom etc. Various missionary , uplifting , inspirational quotes are engraved on different designs of compasses which comes in leather case and gift wood boxes. 

religious gifts for catholic christian compass

"For I Know the Plans I have for you" declares the Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" - JEREMIAH 29:11 . This quote is engraved inside the lid of a compass and the top of the lid can have YOUR OWN CUSTOM TEXT - something like happy birthday grandson, or My Son I love You - My girl I will always be there for you or Dad - you are my superhero. There can be a lot of possible customization.

Be Strong & Courageous Do not be afraid or Discouraged - For the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go - JOSHUA 1:9 - engraved quote for an ultimate baptism gift for boys men girls & women. If you were looking for a 1st first communion gift for grandson boy, baptismal gift for girl daughter, birthday gift for son, confirmation gift for adult men, christmas gifts for grandpa grandma, wedding anniversary gifts for mom dad, fathers day gift, mothers day gift, gift for thanksgiving, easter new year or Christmas then these handmade compass are unique and perfect gift that will last for a lifetime and can be passed on to generations as a family souvenir.

may your faith always guide you compass gift for catholic christian

May Your faith always guide you - GOD gifts for boys & girls, men & women.


2. Handmade spyglass telescope - Pirate style scope for kids 

Aladean brings you a variety of handmade spyglass telescopes which are functional daylight handheld scopes as were used by pirates and ship captains on their ocean voyages. Ahh the maritime era reproductions are indeed a treasure for all the nautical , boats lovers. Now you may think how a pirate spyglass like jack sparrow or the a Victorian ship antique captains telescope could be a religious gift iDea ?

Let me tell you that telescopes are for far vision and far vision is so important while taking decisions of life , every parent or grandparent wish their young kids could look ahead in life and plan well for their future hence a spyglass telescope makes a perfect gift idea to motivate and inspire your son or grandson . However when packed in a personalized wood box which has an engraved religious quote on the box these telescopes become a perfect religious gift that can be treasured in toys chest . Infact these spyglass telescopes are functional and makes an exCellent educational toy , young scouts kids love to enjoy the magnificent views on a camping or hiking trip with such spyglass scope. Recently there is an increase in demand for these handmade spyglass telescopes packed in a hand stitched leather case with a religious quote embossed on the leather case with a cross. Spyglass telescopes make a perfect gift for boys and girls on baptism , confirmation , first communion , birthday , christmas present and house warming . A wonderful graduation gift for teen girls and boys. 


3. Handmade Sundial Compass - Engraved Quote on the Box

 Just like a normal compass a sundial compass is also one of the high in Demand when it comes to Catholic christian religious gifting . We get a huge number of requests for personalization of sundial compasses and the gift boxes with inspirational religious quotations from Bible , psalm, Mark, Joshua and famous writers to be engraved on the sundial compass lid and wood / leather boxes. We notice that sundial compasses are more preferred by adult men and women while normal compasses are gifted to Young kids boys and girls on birthday baptism confirmation . The sundial compass is a perfect religious gift for dad, grandpa , grandfather boyfriend husband mom , mother grandma son in law brother in law mother in law on any celebration like new job, new house, moving to a new city, starting a new company, Christmas and any festive celebration.

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