Antique Brass Victor Gramophone

Antique Brass Victor Gramophone

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Buy antique brass victor Gramophone in bulk quantity at best price from leading gramophone & antique replica manufacturer aladean. This is a beautiful and accurate reproduction of a vintage antique phonograph. The piece comes complete with the logo decal that has the famous words "His Masters


Order this working replica of antique brass victor gramophone phonograph in wholesale quantity at best bulk quantity price from top antique Gramophone manufacturer & exporter.Smooth finishing, excellent sound quality VICTOR-PHONOGRAPH crafted from strong wooden and brass matal. The antique brass victor gramophone works by turning the crank handle, that winds the motor, that turns the turntable.  There is also a speed adjustment dial This vintage  gramophone will work properly, as a decorative non operational display piece.

 Measures :- Height 9.5" and Width 5.5"

this antique brass victor gramophone Play 78 RPM records.

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