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Ancient Gjermundbu Viking Armour Helmet

Ancient Gjermundbu Viking Armour Helmet

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Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet - A Sturdy Reproduction in 18 Gauge Mild Steel

Discover the legacy of Viking warriors with the Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet, meticulously crafted from 18 gauge mild steel. This remarkable reproduction captures the essence of Norse craftsmanship and offers a tangible connection to the heroic age of the Vikings. Ideal for history enthusiasts, reenactors, and collectors, this helmet embodies the spirit of one of the most formidable warrior cultures in history..

Key Features:

1. Authentic Historical Design: The Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet is a faithful replica of the only known complete Viking helmet, discovered in a burial mound in Gjermundbu, Norway. Dating back to the 10th century, this helmet is an iconic piece of Viking heritage, reflecting the practical and robust design favored by Norse warriors.

2. High-Quality Materials: Constructed from 18 gauge mild steel, this helmet is both durable and historically accurate. The steel construction provides a strong defense, much like the original helmets worn by Viking warriors during their raids and battles across Europe.

3. Distinctive Features: The Gjermundbu Helmet is known for its rounded cap, eye guards, and a nasal guard, which offered essential protection in combat. These distinctive features are meticulously recreated in this reproduction, ensuring historical accuracy and authenticity.

4. Comfortable Fit: Designed with comfort in mind, the helmet includes an adjustable leather liner and chin strap, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during wear. Whether you're participating in a reenactment or simply displaying the helmet, you can be confident in its comfort and stability.

5. Versatile Use: The Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet is perfect for a variety of applications. It serves as an outstanding piece for historical reenactments, live-action role-playing (LARP), theater productions, and educational displays. Additionally, it makes a unique and impressive decorative item for your home or office.

Historical Significance:

The Gjermundbu Helmet holds a special place in Viking history. Discovered in 1943, the helmet is part of a rich burial find that included weapons and armor, shedding light on the martial culture of the Vikings. This helmet is unique as it is the only complete Viking helmet ever found, providing invaluable insights into Viking warfare and craftsmanship.

The Vikings, known for their seafaring prowess and formidable combat skills, dominated much of Northern Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries. Helmets like the Gjermundbu were essential for protection in battle, designed to withstand the fierce engagements that characterized Viking raids and conquests.


  • Material: 18 gauge mild steel
  • Finish: hammered mild steel
  • Interior: Adjustable leather liner
  • Straps: Leather chin strap for secure fit
  • Dimensions: ONE Size Fits All ( ADULT HEAD SIZE)
  • Weight: [1.5 to 2 kg] being handmade the weight may vary.

Why Choose Aladean:

At Aladean, we are dedicated to creating high-quality historical reproductions that honor the craftsmanship and heritage of ancient cultures. Our Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet is no exception, offering an unparalleled blend of authenticity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether for reenactment, display, or personal collection, this helmet is an exceptional piece that brings the legacy of the Vikings to life..

Embrace the Viking Spirit

Step into the world of the Vikings with the Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet. Perfect for

reenactors, collectors, and history enthusiasts, this helmet is not just a piece of armor, but a connection to the rich and adventurous spirit of the Norse warriors.

Order now and add a touch of Viking heritage to your collection with this historically significant and beautifully crafted piece of history.

Buy Now and elevate your reenactment, decor, or collection with the Aladean Ancient Gjermundbu Helmet, a timeless symbol of Viking valor and craftsmanship.

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Ancient Gjermundbu Viking Armour Helmet

Detailed Product Description

Detailed Description

Gjermundbu Armour Helmet: A Timeless Piece of Viking Heritage

The Gjermundbu Armour Helmet is a striking replica of one of the most iconic pieces of Viking age armor. Named after the original discovery in Gjermundbu, Norway, this helmet dates back to the 10th century and offers a fascinating glimpse into the martial prowess and craftsmanship of the Viking era.

Historical Significance

The Gjermundbu Helmet is one of the only known complete Viking helmets, making it an invaluable artifact for historians and enthusiasts. The original helmet was discovered in a burial mound, which suggests it belonged to a person of high status, possibly a chieftain or a warrior of great renown. The helmet's design includes a rounded cap with a protective nose guard, embodying the practical yet formidable style of Viking armor.

Modern-Day Applications

LARP (Live Action Role-Playing)

In the world of LARP, authenticity and immersion are key. The Gjermundbu Armour Helmet serves as an essential piece for any Viking warrior ensemble, providing not only protection but also a sense of historical accuracy that enhances the role-playing experience. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of live-action combat scenarios.

Role Play and Reenactments

For historical reenactments, the Gjermundbu Helmet is a crucial component. It allows participants to authentically recreate Viking battles and daily life, providing both an educational tool and an immersive experience for audiences. The helmet's design helps bring history to life, offering a tangible connection to the past.

Theatre and Film

In the realms of theatre and film, the Gjermundbu Armour Helmet adds an element of realism and authenticity to productions set in the Viking era. Its striking appearance and historical accuracy make it a preferred choice for costume designers aiming to depict Norse warriors accurately. This helmet can be seen in numerous productions, including those inspired by Norse mythology and Viking sagas.

Hollywood Connections

The influence of Viking culture in Hollywood is undeniable, with numerous films and television series drawing inspiration from this rich historical period. The Gjermundbu Helmet has been featured in productions such as the popular TV series "Vikings," where it helped bring the characters to life with its authentic design. Characters like Ragnar Lothbrok and his kin are often depicted wearing similar helmets, showcasing the iconic look of Viking warriors.

Specifications and Features

  • Material: High-quality steel construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • Design: Authentic replication of the original Gjermundbu Helmet, featuring a rounded cap and a protective nose guard.
  • Comfort: Lined with padding for comfortable wear during extended use in LARP, reenactments, or filming.
  • Finish: Polished to a high sheen, maintaining the historical appearance while ensuring modern standards of quality.


The Gjermundbu Armour Helmet is not just a piece of protective gear; it is a bridge to the past, a tool for education, and an essential accessory for any enthusiast of Viking history and culture. Whether you're participating in LARP, engaging in historical reenactments, or working on a theatrical production, this helmet offers unparalleled authenticity and quality. Embrace the spirit of the Vikings with this exceptional piece of armor, and let it transport you to a time of legendary warriors and epic battles.

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