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Religious Gifts - Path of God Compass - Catholic Christian gifts for Baptism, Confirmation, Communion, Birthday & Christmas

Religious Gifts - Path of God Compass - Catholic Christian gifts for Baptism, Confirmation, Communion, Birthday & Christmas

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Religious Gifts - Path of God Compass - Exquisite Christian Gifts for Men Catholic, Uplifting Baptism Gifts for Boys, Gifts for Adolescent Males, Graduation Gifts, Inspirational Gifts for Women. This piece of spiritual-inspired art is more than just beautiful, it's a source of strength and courage. Ideal for gifting, it will uplift and inspire, no matter the occasion. Lovingly crafted to stand the test of time, it's a reminder of faith and devotion that will bring comfort and joy to generations. From the artisan's hand to your heart, the Path of God Compass is a unique expression of love and inspiration, one that will be cherished and appreciated for years. Give the perfect gift to someone special, and watch as their faith is renewed.

  • Religious Gift for Men Boys Girls & Women :- True Path of God Compass is an exquisitely handcrafted, antique navigational instrument adeptly designed to serve as a continual reminder of God's ultimate truth and constancy. It perpetually directs us to His True Path and True North.
  • Perfect Baptism Gifts For Boys & Girls :- This sublimely inspirational compass, engraved with a heavenly quote, is the perfect and extraordinary present for any baptism, birthday, or confirmation - be it for your grandchild, son, nephew, or niece.
  • 1st First Holy Communion gift for boys & girls :- Journey with conviction through life's milestones with this sophisticated Christening & First Communion present, ideal for the special grandson gifted from their adoring grandparents. This thought-provoking Confirmation present makes a radiant adornment for any workspace, shelf, or computer, designed to be the only compass that points us toward God. Premium navigation compasses make unforgettable gifts for teenagers, Pastors, and adults alike.
  • Confirmation gifts for Teen & adult kids : Embellished with an inspiring message, this Compass features Psalm 32:8 engraved on its reverse side reading "I will guide you along the right path for your life; I will be with you as you go" - rendering it a stimulating and elevating gift option for both ladies and gentlemen alike.
  • Religious Missionary INSPIRATIONAL & SENTIMENTAL GIFTS :- Religious anniversaries, graduations, Christmases—a Catholic Christian gift is the perfect way to honor your beloved Boyfriend, Husband, brother, son, father, Grandson…or spoil your beloved Mother, sister, grandmother, girlfriend, daughter.
  • Religious Gift for Catholic Christian :- A radiant tribute to faith, this compass makes an ideal present for any momentous event, from Baptisms and Confirmations to graduations and missionary send-offs, as well as Birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and holidays, for sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers.

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Religious Gifts - Path of God Compass - Catholic Christian gifts for Baptism, Confirmation, Communion, Birthday & Christmas

Detailed Product Description

Detailed Description

Customer Reviews

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Jmac - United States
Lead me Lord

Makes for a beautiful gift! Really nicely packaged and crafted, the inscription is of good quality and clear. I keep it in my purse as a reminder at times when I feel spiritually lost and frustrated. If it were smaller, I would wear it around my neck.

Miss Atlantic City - Canada
Unique and lovely Confirmation, Communion or Graduation Gift

The craftsmanship is exciting on this piece. This will make a great gift. I got it for my sons Confirmation. Its a great value for such an inspiring gift. Just looks so classic and rich. The words are beautiful for a compass. The case is just lovely with its details and shape.

??Seas the Day?? - Australia
Love the Classic Look and Engraved Bible Verse

Religious Gifts - Path of God Compass - Uplifting Christian Gifts for Men Catholic, Baptism Gifts for Boys, Gifts for Teen Boys, Graduation Gifts, Inspirational Gifts for Woman

My son loves to carry a pocket watch so I knew that he would love the look of this pocket compass. I love the classic look of the compass and love the engraved Bible verse even more.

This would make an excellent graduation gift.

??Seas the Day??

mom shopper - United Kingdom
A Nice Gift

This compass is really nice looking. It comes in a leather case and has an inspiring scripture. Its probably not a compass you would take out into the woods to actually use, although it does work. I checked it and it does point north so is an actual working compass. Its a very nice little collectible or knickknack to have out on a desk or table. It would make a great gift for someones confirmation or graduation or even someone starting off on a new job.

labbie1 - Germany
A Very Beautiful Pocket Watch Size Compass That Looks Antique

This is a nicely presented compass set in brass.

It comes in a tooled leather case with a brass pin to hold it closed.

The compass is behind a thick beveled glass and does work.

True north on this compass says "GOD". How appropriate.

The obverse side has Psalm 32:8 "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you."

There is a chain attached to the watch which you can use to hang the watch where it can be seen always.

The layers of meaning in this watch size piece is really wonderful and an appropriate gift for the minister, student, graduate or new Christian in your life.

I presented it to our new minister on his first day. A lovely gift for a good man who will hopefully be with us for a long time to come.

The one problem with the one that I received was that there were some scratches--really more like rubbing--on the glass over the compass. If you zoom in to picture #4 you can see them. A mar on an otherwise beautifully crafted gift.

Questions & Answers

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  • I purchased two of these and one works the other does not. The compas won’t settle. Do you replace these? I still have the box and was planning on giving them to boys for baptism on Sunday Aug 13 2023

    Yes , we will replace/ refund if any compass has a manufacturing defect, However as these are analog compasses the needle will flicker and will only settle if you place it parallel to earth surface on a flat table , it will take some time before the needle of the magnetic compass finally settles in north south position. This is how traditional compasses used to work, Kindly also note that these are decoartive gift compasses and will not match performance of modern digital compasses , but these vintage look compasses with engraved quote makes a perfect gift toy for all ages. Still if you have any issue send us an email at