Viking Drinking Horn Beer Mug
Viking Drinking Horn Beer Mug

Viking Drinking Horn Beer Mug

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Aladean offers Viking Drinking Horn Beer Mug Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier.SHOW OFF YOUR UNIQUE TANKARD - Traditionally crafted & hand polished, every viking mug is unique in shape & color. A Must-have for any horn mug enthusiast.PREMIUM PADDED BASE - These sturdy viking are fitted with a beautiful and practical soft padded base.


DRINK FROM A GENUINE HORN MUG - Made of authentic, ethically sourced horn (Veterinary Health Sanitary Certificate - Livestock) and a premium padded bottom (no plastic, no leaks)

Own A SIZEABLE TANKARD - Each tankard holds around 750 mls or 24 ounces of your favorite cold beverage (though as this is an authentic horn, SIZE DOES VARY).

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Each Viking mug drinking tankard comes guaranteed.

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